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At Our Core

a heritage of passion + science

FoodScience® was founded in 1973 by the Orlandi family who had a passion for developing animal and human health solutions. With numerous breakthroughs in nutritional science, the Orlandis built a legacy of quality and innovation. Together with Wind Point Partners, FoodScience® will continue to build on that legacy for the next 50 years. We remain guided by our founders’ vision in the pursuit of effective products created to help people and pets live healthier lives.

fifty years of experience

Since 1973, FoodScience® has been a proven leader and pioneer in nutritional research and product development. Today, we continue to evolve with an ever-changing marketplace by seeking better ingredients, better products and better results for our customers. Our core values of unparalleled quality, scientific research and leading-edge innovation remain the catalysts behind our products, brands and company.


innovation timeline


FoodScience® founded with a focus on creating natural supplements for human and animal health


VetriScience® Laboratories launches Glycoflex® as first commercially available glucosamine supplement for dogs


Secured patents for DMG, which is used for the treatment of common animal and human health concerns


FoodScience® secures patent for the combination of Perna canaliculus, Glucosamine and MSM in both human and animal supplements


Washington State University Study shows GlycoFlex® is clinically proven to increase hind leg strength by up to 41% in dogs


Technological breakthrough results in introduction of liposomal liquid production


Clinical study on Composure™ shows it works in 30 minutes and is effective for up to 4 hours


Clinical study on Perio Support shows that it reduced the prevalence of plaque by 20% and tartar by 18% in 28 days


Launched Little DaVinci® line which combines therapeutic levels with kid-friendly delivery formats


Launched hemp and CBD private label and branded products across human and pet supplements

lab tech working in manufacturinglab tech working in manufacturing
manufacturing process for product labellingmanufacturing process for product labelling

“At FoodScience, we believe that science-backed research and exploration can redefine what's possible in the world of health and wellness. We drive change to ensure that our products offer the best possible quality, efficacy, and bioavailability. We're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in nutrition, with a mission to deliver products that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of our consumers.”

Tammy Johnson, VP Sales & Marketing, Human Division

Respect and Commitment in

everything we do

That kind of longevity, in an industry that sees brands and products come and go, speaks to the trust we have earned from our customers. We are unequivocal in our commitment to ensure that all our products provide evidence-based and efficacious nutritional support. That’s why every formula we develop is a result of close collaboration between our Research and Development team and our Scientific Review Boards.

our mission

Inspire healthy living for people and pets by pioneering, evidence-based, quality, efficacious and convenient supplements and products that deliver essential functional nutrition, exceed expectations and earn trust while helping our customers, consumers, employees and community thrive.

our core values

Engaged in positive team building and family spirit

Passionate about achieving growth through building relationships based on

Fanatical about the
of people and their pets

Dedicated to delivering safe, effective & innovative products by fostering an environment of

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